By completing the No Pucker Challenge you will help save The Life of a Child With NPC
We Need Your Help: Time Is of the Essence 
Bringing a Cure In Time, How to Help
Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Support of Accelerated Research for NPC (SOAR), Ara Parseghian Medical Research Fund at The University of Notre Dame (APMRF), individual families and family foundations, committed doctors and scientists, there is more promise to cure NPC today than in the entire history of the disease. Lives are hanging in the balance of how quickly we can act to realize this potential. 
Every dollar raised will directly fund and accelerate research conducted through SOAR and the APMRF. Details of the funded researchers and labs can be found at their respective websites. This research holds the promise to save lives and help tip the scales towards life for every child holding on for the help they need.

There Is Hope But it is Urgent 

Each day of delay is an additional day of risk for these vulnerable children. The course of the disease is erratic; only the endpoint is currently predictable. The missing pieces of information we need to stop NPC in its tracks might be just one research study away.

Those alive today might be the one of the last children to die of NPC.

Or one of the first children to be cured.

Their lives are hanging in the balance.

Your choice to support NPC research today may be the difference.

Partners and Collaborators: 

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